Project Description

User Work Crossings:

Installation of power operated gate openers and smart CCTV cameras.

Project Overview

The Project was to install a solar powered gate opening systems for Network Rail for User Worked Crossings (UWC) to provide year round operation in remote locations without the requirement of a mains power connection. WS Civil Engineering have been working in partnership with Balfour Beatty Rail to install the concrete bases, all associated duct works and hard standing for the camera, solar panel, wind turbine and user controlled gate and all associated civil works.

The civil works included:

  • Decommissioning of existing crossing
  • De-Vegetation
  • Installation of all concrete bases including hardstand area
  • Installing new duct routes between the Camera, Solar Panel, Wind Turbine and User access gate including control post, catch post, latch post and sign post.
  • Associated Tarmac resurfacing works
  • Installation of new fence lines.

Project Value £450K