East Nott’s Modular

April 2014 to October 2014

During 2014 WS Civil Engineering worked alongside Signalling Solutions on the East Nott’s Modular to complete various civil engineering requirements.

The Modular Signalling initiative was established to achieve significant reductions in the cost of re-signalling low density routes, through the utilisation of innovative technology and a standard “modular” approach to design and installation.

The East Nott’s Modular (ENM) project is required to address the condition led renewal of life-expired signalling between Nottingham and Grantham and Nottingham and Newark Castle along with the closure of 6 signal boxes, through “re-control” to East Midland Control Centre (EMCC). In addition, the project will provide signalling EMI immunity required when the line is electrified.

The signalling renewal will be based around provision of new Smart lock 400 interlocking system.

WS provided Construction Management throughout the duration of the project and undertook various disciplines including but not limited to the following:

  • Concrete trough route upgrade
  • Installation of elevated GRC troughs and associated works
  • Installation of Fibre joint bays
  • Vegetation clearance.